A modern talent company built like the clients we serve.

With our global reach and expertise, we solve tough hiring challenges and crack the code to deliver results, time after time.

HAVE Built
What we do BEST

Full-service search Solutions

We specialize in placing game-changing talent at leading venture-backed companies, every step of the way from inception to IPO. Our experienced team can build a team that crushes your competition.


We discover and hire exceptional talent for innovative companies. Build a winning team that outperforms competition with our Retained and Strategic Searches.

Team Build

Our embedded recruitment experts drive your success with flexible, cost-effective subscription models, empowering you to scale efficiently and quickly.

Team Bridge

Boost Your Executive Team’s Performance with Expert Fractional, Interim, and Advisory Leaders from TeamBridge Talent Network!

HOW WE’RE Different

Better Fit and Faster Results

Our unwavering focus is on achieving tangible results. Drawing from our extensive experiences working with VC-funded startups, we have crafted a modern approach that truly fulfils the commitments we make.

In-house Startup Experience

We are former start-up operators, having collectively scaled over 15 venture-back companies. We’ve hired and coached executives from companies like Gojek, Google, LinkedIn, Uber, Tencent and Fractal.ai and intimately understand your roles and talent more than most firms.

Consistent Results

Our average time to placement ranges from 6 to 12 weeks, ensuring a thorough and diligent search process. With a dedicated team of tenured search professionals who actively engage in the work, we are committed to delivering results that exceed expectations.

Twice the capacity on your search

Our recruiters handle half the req load compared to our competition. This allows us to fully understand your needs and deliver high-quality candidates effortlessly, facilitating smoother negotiations. Secure your next exceptional executive with our dedicated focus and meticulous attention to detail.

Record time to hire

tlnt is a search firm with the DNA of a tech company. Our data-driven approach empowers us to adapt and optimize, even amidst rapidly changing market dynamics. As a result, we consistently secure executive hires in just 70 days, surpassing the industry’s standard of 120 days. Our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart.


Radically Better Hiring

TLNT is radically improving the hiring process for top talent, recruiters and employers.


The smarter way to hire teams, fast

We excels in finding and placing hires with a better bi-directional fit, faster than legacy search firms, by combining data, tech and human ingenuity.


Do great work, at greater scale

Experienced operators run TLNT. They excel in closing searches, building companies and gaining equity at VC backed portfolio companies.


Find a trusted resource for every stage of your career

Whether you’re excelling in your current position or actively on the hunt for your next career move, rest assured that we have your back!

Experience a modern approach to hiring.

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