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We excels in finding and placing hires with a better bi-directional fit, faster than legacy search firms, by combining data, tech and human ingenuity.

Our Offerings

We place impactful hires at top venture-backed startups

From the early stages of seed funding to the exhilarating IPO milestone, high-growth startups have turned to TLNT for top-tier talent.

Retained Search
Strategic Search
Team Build
Team Bridge

We deliver where others falter.

Our philosophy is simple: you shouldn’t be limited to the candidates your search firm knows. We believe in comprehensive market mapping, providing an unparalleled white-glove experience in finding engaged candidates for all searches.


of presented candidates are interviewed


weeks to close a search


weeks on average to join

Retained Search

We provide consultative and end-to-end search services for VP and leadership roles. Our comprehensive approach fully maps the market, and we provide engaged candidates who are deeply vetted for a better fit in less time.

Strategic Hiring

We offer consultative and comprehensive search services for VP and leadership roles. We not only fully map the market, but also provide engaged and deeply-vetted candidates for a better fit – in less time.

Team Build

We deploy a seasoned search professional to work alongside your team and comprehensively map the market to source, engage and place an impactful team – all in record time.

Team Bridge

Our team of interim leaders offer full-time, embedded roles for a set period of time – delivering a level of intensity and length different from traditional fractional or advisory positions. In contrast, our fractional executives typically work for a few days per week, while our advisory leaders offer consultative insight for a limited amount of hours per week or month. Engage our experts to provide ongoing input and tackle various challenges, either on a recurring basis or as needed.

Our approach

Get Superior Matches At An Unprecedented Pace

We blend a streamlined technology-driven process with expertise to provide results each time.


With our calibrated process and data-driven methodology, we are able to bring clarity to your role in record time.


Our concise, highly vetted profiles are tailored to your exact hiring requirements, freeing up your valuable time to focus on selecting the ideal candidate.


Our results speak for themselves – we’ve placed 50% of hires within 3 weeks of introduction.

Experience a modern approach to hiring.

Let us show you.

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