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Elevate your executive team’s strength with interim, fractional, and advisory leaders sourced from the esteemed tlnt Network.

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What we do

Connecting accomplished leaders with leading companies.

Clients can confidently expect highly-vetted, seasoned executives at their disposal, readily available to fulfill all their talent requirements.

We have a distinctive advantage in catalyzing the transformation of short-term leadership.

The seismic shifts experienced by companies and workers in recent years have resulted in a reprioritization and a greater openness to flexible ways of working. The value of interim, fractional, and advisory leaders is increasingly evident as more c-suite executives lead and excel in short-term executive roles.

With our in-depth knowledge of the strengths and preferences of every member in the tlnt network, we can swiftly provide clients with a select group of outstanding team bridge members. We value the valuable time of interim, fractional, and advisory leaders, ensuring that we only present them with exceptional opportunities at exciting and innovative companies.

Interim Leaders

Lead a change program, bridge the gap during a short-term leave of absence or the search for a permanent hire.
Full-time (5 days/week).

Typically 3-12+ months.

Fractional Leadership

Be a part-time ‘A’ player for early-stage, high-growth companies with changing needs. Part-time (2-4 days/week).

Typically 3-12+ months


Provide mentorship to new executives or guidance to senior leadership team for targeted issues.

Under 1 day/week

Our approach

Equip our clients

We blend a streamlined technology-driven process with expertise to provide results each time.


With our calibrated process and data-driven methodology, we are able to bring clarity to your role in record time.


Our concise, highly vetted profiles are tailored to your exact hiring requirements, freeing up your valuable time to focus on selecting the ideal candidate.


Our results speak for themselves – we’ve placed 50% of hires within 3 weeks of introduction.

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